Blue Point Preserve and The Scarborough land Trust


As people of faith, the Blue Point Congregational Church United Church of Christ takes seriously God’s call to be good stewards of the planet we call home, God’s gift of creation.   In a time when we are seeing the natural resources around us being wasted, mistreated, harmed and neglected, we have – until now – found it difficult to address the challenges of how to make a difference – how to make a lasting impact.   So, when we began to consider selling to the Scarborough Land Trust the strip of land that runs from the back of our “active” property down to the marsh, we were thrilled for the opportunity to put into action what we believe being good stewards asks of us.   

This venture, now known as the Blue Point Preserve, is in keeping with our Church’s stated mission to “love God, to love our neighbors, and to love the earth.  We are pleased for the opportunity to decrease our “carbon footprint” by eliminating the prospect of developing this parcel of land with more houses.  But of even greater importance, we are imagining “neighbors” from all over the area, as well as visitors who come to vacation here “from away,” walking the trail that will lead them to a sanctuary where they can experience a wide variety of birds and wildlife, freshwater and ocean marsh resources, a sunrise or a sunset – a place to explore, to learn, to take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life and breathe – maybe allowing God to “restore the soul.”   

The Blue Point Church is excited about what this venture means for our community of Scarborough.  We are especially grateful for what this means for us as responsible stewards, taking good care of God’s gift of the natural world, literally in our backyard.

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Donations of all sizes are needed!